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Funky & United Hearts are partnering together to introduce a unique opportunity for Funky patrons that have children ages 2.5+. We are offering an affordable alternative to finding child care on selected show nights.

United Hearts community school is licensed and located in the same building as performances. United Hearts and their directors will provide some organized activities as well as free play. They are a play-based school with an emphasis on music, arts, nature with a hands on approach.

Space is limited. Here is how to secure your kiddo's spot.

  • Step One: Purchase your ticket(s) to a Funky/STAY+PLAY selected performance.

  • Step Two: Reserve your free ticket for your children here.

  • Step Three: Click this link to pay for your STAY+PLAY participants. $15 per child. $5 additional for each sibling. 



Drop off? First-timers give yourself enough time to fill out information sheet and waiver. No Payments will be handled at drop off.

When? United Hearts will be ready for your child an hour before curtain. 6:00 pm in most cases. 

Where is the entrance? The chainlink playground gate close to the 17th Street & Bijou Street intersection.

Pick up? Immediately following curtain call of Funky's show.

What will my child be doing? Experimenting with music, organized activities or free play, etc.

How often will STAY+PLAY happen? As of now, we will have one S+P date for each of our MainStage WCC shows. Four different plays in 2024, four different STAY+PLAY dates for your enjoyment. #SecondSaturdays

Note: This is still a new process. We may experience a learning curve or growth pains. Don't hesitate to let us know if something isn't working. We are working on a way to streamline this process without having our patrons to pay tons of fees. Eventbrite is free for us (and you) and we can track who is coming. The link for payment goes directly to our companions, United Hearts. Tickets and STAY+PLAY slots are nonrefundable. 


Sat, March 9


Sat, June 15


Sat, Sept 21


Sat, December 7


Here are all our STAY+PLAY dates for 2024!


About United Hearts

Hands on art, music & nature... just the beginning.

Mission: Our mission at United Hearts is to unite hearts through arts, music, and nature education, fostering creativity, connection, and a profound appreciation for the beauty and transformative power they hold.

Core Values: At United Hearts, we are dedicated to fostering a world where the transformative power of arts, music, and nature education thrives. Our mission is to ignite the flame of creativity and cultivate a deep appreciation for the arts, the power of music, and the beauty of nature in the hearts and minds of individuals across all walks of life.

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Give Funky's Box Office a call or shoot us an email.


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