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Save the Date

The next DramaLab meeting is Mar 12 @ 6pm

2nd Tuesday/month at 6pm @ Westside Community Center (main building) 

to DramaLab!

DramaLab is back for another great year! Funky has been breathing new life into this local institution for almost a year. Todd Wallinger (former Colorado playwright) spearheaded the beginning of this group in 2011. Over the years THEATREWORKS and Millibo Art Theatre were called home base at one time or another. Many well known, local playwrights have workshopped their pieces with this group since the beginning. Works read and critiqued in this group have gone on to have staged readings, mulitple productions in short play festivals (local and national), and virtual showcases. 

The last few years haven't been easy by any means. Covid ran rampant and a handful of key players for the group have since passed on. Funky's hope and mission is keep the love of new works thriving in Colorado Springs. We want to pay tribute to those that steered the boat prior to us, Todd Wallinger, Sue Bachman and Chuck Cabell, have set the bar pretty high and we hope to do this group justice. 

What's next? 

Everyone is welcome! Actors, audience/critique givers, playwrights and producers. We would love to see new plays and offer peer review. Each DramaLab night we will read short plays 15 pages or less, or excerpts from full length plays. Please only submit un-produced plays/excerpts. Actors will be cast to read aloud right before each read through. Feedback and critique forms will be handed out before each meeting. 

If you would like your work to be considered for reading, please email it to with DRAMALAB in the subject line. 

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