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Funky @ Westside 



BOOTLEG JEDI by Josh Hartwell 

Director: Chris Medina
Auditions: August 25 (2-4pm) + August 26 (6-8pm)

First read: September 16, 2024

Rehearsals/Tech: September-November 2024
Performances: November 22 - December 14, 2024 (dark Thanksgiving week)

Non-Equity. Volunteer opportunity. 


Please bring a headshot and resume.  Please prepare a contemporary comedic monologue not to exceed two minutes. If monologue can't be prepared, sides from the script will be selected by director to be read. Any questions, please send them to


Auditions will be held on a first come first serve basis in the Middle Building of the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St, 80904

All roles are available.

Larry Dewayne Riddick Jr, M (18-20s), eccentric and inept. A movie thief who doesn't care

about movies. Really into 70s-80s metal and videogames. Not the deepest thinker.

John J. Smith, M (mid 40s-60s), any ethnicity (because who knows what the real John J.

Smith was like?), reclusive but wise. Rarely expresses his emotions. Zen like Alec

Guinness (or at least like Ewan McGregor's impression of Guinness). Espouses the

magnificence of movies and the effect they have on us.

Angie, F (30s-40s), strong and secure FBI Agent who happens to be gaga over her partner.

Like Deborah Van Valkenburgh in "Too Close for Comfort." Professional, but easily


Doug, M (30s-40s), smooth and a bit slimy FBI Agent, lusting over his partner, Angie. Has a

"Magnum P. I." mustache. Also easily distracted.

Kevin, M (30s), irritable video store proprietor who talks and acts like Quentin Tarantino

(who does not yet exist in '83 pop culture). A genius about the cinema, Kevin keeps

appearing to judge Riddick's story telling. Professes more about the craft of film-making,

as opposed to Smith's more spiritual connection.

Mom, Clown 2, Brenda, F (30-50ish) played by the same actor.

Dad, Customer, Clown 1, Mr. Vincent, M (ages 30-50ish) played by the same actor.

All ethnicities, physical abilities and gender identities are encouraged to audition.



Funky Little Theater Company operates by the Community Standards for Theatre for Colorado.


Click here to learn more. 


We are always seeking people who are interested in theatre outside of acting. Are you skilled in the ways of costumes, make-up, set design, light design, or prop design? Let us know!! 

Attention Playwrights:

Colorado (and Colorado Springs) Playwrights please check out our DRAMA LAB page (tab above) for local workshop opportunities for scenes or short plays. 

For more submission opportunities, visit for a list of tons of contests and other play submission opportunities with deadlines coming up this month.


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