AUDITIONS for WE WILL ROCK YOU: The QUEEN Musical are coming to Funky April 5+6.

We welcome all experience levels, ages, sexual orientations to come audition. 

From the producer and director who brought you last summer's smash, SPAMALOT - Funky Little Theater Company proudly presents WE WILL ROCK YOU, the Musical by QUEEN & BEN ELTON.

Directed by Chris Medina (Gazette's Best Of Winner) with Annie Durham (Henry Award Nominee) as Musical Director and Choreographer, Elyse Clark, WE WILL ROCK YOU will be one of the biggest hits of the year!

What we need from you:
1) High resolution headshot (jpg, png or pdf)
2) Updated theatre resume (pdf)
3) 30ish second video of you singing a song in style of the show with a backing (not overpowering) non-vocal track. YouTube link preferred.
4) Approximately 2 min video of your best contemporary monologue. Be sure we can hear you and enunciate. YouTube link preferred.
5) Email all this to me, Chris at chris{at} with WE WILL ROCK YOU: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME in the subject and when you receive a confirmation from me, your job is done (for now).
6) Callbacks will happen in small group settings via fb messenger or zoom. A choreography video will also be sent out after all submissions have been received. This helps us gauge our talent movement-wise.
7) Thanks for coming out and I hope QUEEN gets to be a part of your summer soundtrack.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE is midnight on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

All roles are available.

Show dates: July 17-August 15, 2020.

Character info:

GALILEO - (Male, 20’s-early 30’s)

Is a wide-eyed misfit who hears strange song lyrics in his head. Reticent to be just another lemming to the man, an inspired Galileo breaks free of his civilian existence and goes on an adventure to find a world that’s free of mind. He’s attractive, young, sexy and rebellious; passionate, vulnerable, yet headstrong and often stubborn. But above all else, slays dragons with his power to rock! Must have comedic skills and be a solid dancer.
Vocal Range: Rock Tenor with strong Falsetto – (D Below Middle C to Bb above Middle C – Full Voice) (To E two above Middle C- Falsetto)

SCARAMOUCHE - (Female, 20’s-early 30’s)
Another outcast, looking for a way out, later becomes Galileo’s love interest. She’s the hard and ballsy ying to Galileo’s sensitive and curious yang. She’s a sarcastic, goth loner who can’t see the beauty and strength she has within. Often defensive and typically down on herself, this introvert must bust out of her shell and be the rock rebel she was born to be. Comic skills required, a capable dancer and must be comfortable handling a guitar (does not need to know how to play).
Vocal Range: Strong Rock Belt (E below Middle C to E two above Middle C)

KILLER QUEEN (Female, Late 20’s-early 40’s)
She’s the ruthless overlord in charge of Global Soft, the worldwide corporation which is responsible for the suppression of all live music. She lusts for more power and will stop at nothing to completely eviscerate any lingering shreds of original thought and creativity. She’s sassy, voluptuous, funny and powerful. She’s the boss. We are looking for a showstopping diva with a soul/rock voice. Must have comic chops and be a decent mover.
Vocal Range: Full Rock/Soul Voice (E Below Middle C to E Two Above Middle C)

KHASHOGGI (Male, late 20’s-early 40’s)
He’s Killer Queen’s top henchman, who gleefully carries out his duties of crushing the Bohemian resistance. He’s passionately compliant and almost as maniacal as his boss. He’s sinister, heartless, cruel yet suave. He’s also kind of a dick. Actor must have comic skills and be a solid mover.
Vocal Range: High Rock Baritone with Strong Falsetto (D Below Middle C to A above Middle C – Full Voice) (E to two above middle C- Falsetto)

BUDDY/Pop (Male, 30’s-40’s)
Buddy is the leader of the Bohemians. Although this hippy seems like a rock and roll burn out, he’s actually a rock historian and the link to the lost sacred artifacts of rock and roll. He’s passionate for music and the cause. When Galileo arrives, revered texts become powerful clues for his quest. We need a strong comic performer, who’s a capable mover.
Vocal Range: Baritone with some rock skills (E Below Middle C to E Above Middle C)

BRITNEY (Male, 20’s-30’s)
Along with his girlfriend Oz, Brit is determined to discover the secrets of live music and find the chosen one who will show the Bohemians the way. Brit is strong, sexy and has an abundance of wild energy. His lovable vibrance is only matched by the love he has for Oz and his desire to free the Bohemians. He is streetwise and over the top. Must be a solid dancer and have comedic chops.
Vocal Range: Full Rock Voice (D Below middle C to B above Middle C)

OZ (Female, 20’s-30’s)
She’s Brit’s babe. A total rock chick, who’s streetwise, sexy and cool. She’s a fireball, hellbent on liberating the Bohemians and is completely sexually super charged by her man Brit. She’s wild, tough and ultra aggressive. Must have comic skills and be solid dancer.
Vocal Range: Strong Rock Belt (A below middle C to E above Middle C)

ENSEMBLE ROLES (Male & Female, late teens-30’s)
We are looking for strong rock/pop vocalists who are also strong dancers for various ensemble roles.


We are always seeking people who are interested in theatre outside of acting. Are you skilled in the ways of costumes, make-up, set design, light design, or prop design? Let us know!! 

Attention Playwrights:

For more submission opportunities, visit for a list of tons of contests and other play submission opportunities with deadlines coming up this month.



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